Kootenay Express 2019

Cranbrook, British Columbia

May 29 - June 2, 2019.


Welcome to Kootenay Express 2019

We are currently under construction and adding new content.  Please check back regularly for more information.

Host Hotel / Accommodations

209 Van Horne Street South, Cranbrook BC  V1C 6R9           (250) 417-0444            cranbrook@prestigehotels.ca

Please call the hotel to take advantage of the event rates with the event code "Kootenay Express".  On-line booking with the event code is not working.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Kootenay Express 2019 Committee

Title Position Email
Ed Molenkamp Chairperson
Lori Sebelley Registrar
Dave Robinson Treasurer
Larry Sebelley Prototype
Brian Stokes Clinics
Jim Little Contests
Eugene Kits Website
John Martin 7th Div. Liaison
Sandra Lusk Layouts
John Koob Public Show
Susie Madsen Non-Rail Program
Rob Badmington Advertising
Doug Burton AP Coordinator


More information coming soon....

Preliminary Clinic Information

Clinic Topic Presenter
The Making of Johnson Landing Diorama Dale Sproule, MMR
Rail: From Mill to Mainline Rob Badmington
Wiring Your Layout Kevin Rudko
Signals For Your Layout Kevin Rudko
Scratchbuilding CPR Signals Roger Walker
T.B.A. Mike Barone
T.B.A. Adolph Hungry Wolf
T.B.A. Rich Mahaney
T.B.A. Doug Burton
T.B.A. Stirling Millar
Railroad Advertising in the National Geographic Paul Hobbs
You Thought Prototype Research Might Be Fun Paul Hobbs
TTX - An Unnoticed Giant Paul Hobbs



The Convention will have full Achievement Program Evaluating, Regular Contest (both Non-Rail and Rail), and an area for Prototype Display with the following restrictions:

  1. ALL entrants in the Model contest  MUST be an NMRA member in good standing.
  2. The Photo Contests will be for prints only ( i.e. NO Slides)
  3. There will not be a Railroad Pass Contest
  4. Non-Rail Categories will be - General, Needlework, and Railroadiana
  5. A People’s Choice vote  will be available for all registered attendees.
  6. Entries that have previously won First Place in a PNR or NMRA Contest may not be entered again.
  7. NO sales will be permitted in the room.

The SPECIAL CONTEST this year will be a “THUMBS CONTEST”  based on either a piece of rolling stock (no Motive Power) or structure of the entrant’s choice. Structures must be no larger than 6”x 6”

ALL Entries for AP evaluation and/or Contest MUST be on legibly filled out NMRA Forms #901 AND #902.No exceptions. These are  available on the NMRA Website


Models may be submitted for judging in the following regular contest categories:

  1. Steam locomotive: All types of steam locomotives. Entries must be powered.
  2. Diesel and Other Locomotives: All locomotives except steam or traction, including heavy electric locomotives. Entries must be powered; multiple-unit entries must have at least one unit powered.
  3. Passenger car: All types of cars in passenger service other than cabooses, traction or maintenance of way.
  4. Freight car: All types of revenue freight cars, including express and company service cars other than M of W.
  5. Caboose: All types of cabooses, including M of W.
  6. Maintenance of Way: All types of non-revenue equipment not included in categories 3-5 above, all types of trackwork, all types of non-revenue railroad off-track vehicles.
  7. Structures: All structures, other than trackwork, without significant scenery. Scenery, if any, is not judged.
  8. Displays: All dioramas or groups of models displayed with significant scenery.
  9. Traction and Self-Propelled Cars: Self-propelled cars, and all models of electrically powered equipment except heavy electric. Models must be powered; multiple-unit entries must have at least one unit powered.

Required Forms

To enter the Model Contest, entrants must complete  separate NMRA From 901 AND 902 for every model submitted.

These forms will be collected in the Contest Log Book in chronological order with the Contest Claim Check attached. Entrants will be required to sign the claim check at the time the model is returned to them in good order at the end of the contest. Proxy entries will be accepted.

For any contest model to be formally judged, the entrant must, at a minimum, complete and submit the model with a NMRA Form 902 and or written description, depending on which category is being entered. This form may be accompanied by supplemental information, plans, photographs, etc., that the entrant feels will help the judges appreciate the model.

Failure to provide a Model Contest Entry Form will result in the model not being formally judged as part of the Model Contest. In this case, the model can still be displayed as a Showcase (display) item that will be a candidate in the Popular Vote portion of the contest, along with any other models submitted for display only.


A plaque will be awarded for Best of Show, Levity and Ingenuity. A plaque and blue ribbon will be awarded to first place winners in each category. Ribbons will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Honorable Mention Certificates will be awarded for models which score over 87.5 points, but do not place among the top three in any category. Models achieving 87.5 points or better will receive an Achievement Program Merit Award, regardless of what place it finishes in.

NMRA Achievement Program

Models achieving 87.5 points or better will receive an Achievement Program Merit Award, regardless of what place it finishes in. Only NMRA members in good standing are eligible to receive AP Merit Awards.

Remember that some AP certificates require some qualifying models to receive a Merit Award. This is a perfect opportunity to complete those requirements. Go to the NMRA website to view the requirements. If you have questions about the NMRA Achievement Program, contact either:

  • Jack Hamilton, MMR, PNR Achievement Program Manager
  • To Be Decided– PNR 6th Division Achievement Program Representative

Arts & Crafts Contest

All registered convention attendees and accompanying family will be eligible to participate in the Arts & Crafts Contest. The contest categories will be:

  1. General (any non-needlework art & craft: e.g. painting, drawing, sculpture, woodcarving, photomontage, etc.)
  2. Railroadiana – Same as General but must have a Railroad Motif
  3. Needlework - (same as General Kit Built, except entry is type of needlework – e.g. knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, etc.)
Required Forms

To enter the Arts & Crafts Contest, entrants must complete a separate NMRA Form 901 and 902 for each entry submitted.


Awards shall be given for first, second and third place in each category.

  • General-original, General-pattern and General-kit
  • Railroadiana-original, Railroadiana-pattern and Railroadiana-kit
  • Needlework-original, Needlework-pattern and Needlework-kit

People’s Choice Contest

All registered convention attendees will receive a ballot form in their registration packet and will be eligible to participate in the Popular Vote Contest. All contest models, photographs, trains, craft items and display-only items are eligible for the popular vote and will be identified with a numbered tag for this purpose.

Modules will be considered to be models in the Popular Vote Contest.


A Popular Best of Show plaque will also be awarded for the item that receives the most votes regardless of category.

In Summary

We hope the above contest opportunities encourage all convention attendees to participate in at least one contest. Certainly everyone can participate in the People’s Choice Contest just by completing and submitting their ballots. For those who do not wish to enter any of the formal contests, we ask you to bring and display examples of your craftsmanship for the mutual pleasure of all attendees.

Jim Little, MMR
Contest Chair


Download the Early Bird Registration Form

Mail the form to:
Kootenay Express 2019, c/o Lori Sebelley, 44694 Ashbury Place, Chilliwack, BC   V2R 2Y6
Make cheque or money order payable to Kootenay Express 2019


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